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Anesthesiology Residency

Starting Career As An Anesthesiologist
By []Tauqeer Ul Hassan

Anesthesiology is one of the most profitable careers out there today. Like doctors and surgeons, anesthesiologist is also a medical specialist whose duty is to manage patent's body temperature, breathing, hearty rate and blood pressure during surgery. This is a very challenging job and requires a lot of commitment. An anesthesiologist needs to work long at irregular hours with a total presence of mind because he has to make some quick decisions at times. A little mistake or careless response can take the life of the patient. But working with a good legal team you need not to worry about the downsides of the job.

Although, this career involves a long training programs and years of school, it ends up with a very rewarding and lucrative profession. Following are given few points which you should bear in mind in order to become an anesthesiologist.

 Education is an important factor in this kind of careers. You have to pass your four year degree in good grades to increase your chances of getting admission in medical school. If you want to start your career as anesthesiologist, it is a good idea to start taking the subjects like chemistry and biology right from your high school. Although, you can enter into medical field with some other kind of educational background, it is good to have some knowledge about the required biology or chemistry to do well in your medical school.

 Once you have completed your four year regular university, you are now ready to join medical school. Country is abundant with many prestigious medical schools. There are some large universities run by state that have a medical school program in their standard college curriculum. If you are lucky to achieve your regular undergraduate degree from any such university, there are more chances of acceptance for you in their medical school. But it is not always possible to be that lucky and if you are interested to join any medical school, simply go ahead. There is no compulsion to join the medical school of the same university from where you have done your undergraduate degree.

 Once you have cleared the medical school, it is time to do get a residency period. This is the divergence point of all the medical schools as one has to go for the residency program that he or she wants to specialize in. you being interested in anesthesiology, will need to head off to an Anesthesiology Residency program. It will take three years in addition to what you have done earlier.

 In the end you need to earn your board certification to work legally as an anesthesiologist. Board certification is a lengthy oral and written process that tests your entire medical knowledge. You have to clear this process in order to get your board certification.

Becoming an anesthesiologist is a lengthy and time taking process, but as far as you are determined and devoted to your aim of becoming anesthesiologist, you have fair chances to achieve your goal.

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