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Neurosurgery Residency

What Is Required for a Physician Looking at Neurosurgery Jobs?
By []Wanda Edwards

Being a neurosurgeon isn't easy. It's extremely demanding on a physician, but at the same time it's very rewarding. This specialty in medicine involves diagnosing and treating conditions affecting the spinal cord, the brain, peripheral nerves and all of their supporting and surrounding structures. Doctors in neurosurgery jobs operate in these areas of the body, while also providing care to patients. Some even teach medical students or give lectures to residents.

These doctors are gifted and help countless people every week. A neurosurgeon provides inpatient and outpatient medical care to infants, children, and adults. Specifically, neurosurgery jobs require the doctor to be able to perform spinal and cranial surgery with or without any instruments. They need to be up-to-date on all procedures and be able to operate semi-robotic microscopes, cranial and spinal endoscopy, neuro-navigation facility, MRI and CT compatible steriotaxy.

One of the most challenging procedures is micro-brain surgery, as it uses a microscope to take care of aneurysms or a particular deep tumor. Computers help with the surgery, but at the same time, they make it more challenging. This is why a neurosurgeon has to have significant education, including four years at a medical school, a year internship, and six years at a neurosurgical residency.

A neurosurgeon's job is very demanding, as they see critically ill patients of all ages. The other issue is malpractice rates are extremely high. This is why it's nice to have a physician recruiter service help when a doctor is looking for a job. These companies can handle all the details, which helps the neurosurgeon concentrate on other things. They take care of things like malpractice insurance, licenses, travel, transportation, and even housing.

Quality doctors are needed to fill neurosurgery jobs all over the country, as the shortage of available physicians continues to grow.

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